Ollin Coaching Club

The Ollin Coaching Club was created with one sole purpose: to provide proactive people with a transformational training environment to help them create powerful results in their lives.  The reality is that people in all areas of life (CEO’s, coaches, athletes, entrepreneurs, parents, professionals) are always striving to achieve at a higher level while pouring into others.  Yet they can often fall short of expectations because they are not intentionally investing in themselves on a consistent basis.  It turns out that this is more critical than most realize because it is the key to extraordinary achievements and living.  This club is designed provide members with world-class coaching resources and a networking tribe they can go OLLIN to take #OneStepHigher to their dream life.

Club Resources


Change can happen in an instant.  When you come upon the right resources and take immediate action on them, things can change radically in your life in an incredible way. This club is designed to provide you with transformational resources to maximize your productivity, results and potential.  Here are some of the core resources and benefits that members will receive to make that happen.


The Summit Series

Coaching seminar offered to members the first Wednesday of each month (6:30-8:00pm).

*Available via download afterwards if unable to attend.

Round Table Session.jpg

Round Table Session

Interactive coaching session offered to members the third Wednesday of each month (6:30-8:00pm).

*Summary wrap video will be provided if unable to attend

*These coaching sessions (unless otherwise noted) will take place at Radius Church in Mount Vernon in the main stage and lounge areas.

Club Membership Investment

One of the single greatest investments you can ever make is in yourself.  As you elevate the quality of your training, the opportunities you will open up around you have the potential to EXPLODE.  The key is to make sure that you are investing in the right resources so that your efforts compound and turn into something extraordinary.  We believe that we have created a one-of-a-kind experience because of the fact that it combines world-class coaching materials, interactive environments and an ability to be a part of a tribe of dynamic people striving to live to their highest potential.  And oh yeah, we do it at a fraction of the cost so virtually anyone with a passion to achieve more can access the materials.

Membership cost: $99 (for 2 month season)